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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.

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It is especially

In this regard one of the most important conditions of mutual understanding with the child and the favorable relations in a family ability of parents to own the own is emotions and feelings.It is especially important to learn to cope with the anger, alarm, uncertainty.Being under the influence of these and many other feelings, adults begin to use destructive patterns of behavior and forget about gold rules effective communication with the hyperactive child.And parents have to be able to control not only negative, but also positive emotions, especially if the child in it time performs or is going to perform any educational task.

The program

Baby program recommends to teach first of all the correct communication, equally joyful for an animal and the child any violence!, do not do much harm!, to emphasize, watching a dog, a cat that they live therefore too need food, rest, caress.The program recommends to draw attention to actions, habits of these nice animals.The album will help to keep impressions of the little friend of the nature brighter in literal sense!.Played with a bow, a piece of paper, looked as the live cat eats, remembered, that it is necessary to allow to have a rest, it is impossible to disturb when the cat does not want, and then.

To print

To find useful information for school to treasure.To print different fairy tales.To play when it is boring.Children of high school The computer a thing excellent.When there is no friends, the computer rescues.You will dress earphones, and nobody sticks.I without computer cannot live, it gives everything to me, and all friends from the Internet.On the Internet it is possible to watch also movies, and to play, and nuzh to find ny materials.The computer well develops.I hate boring textbooks, Eno I learn strange language on the computer.

On this we're finished. G ovora


We are talking about a game where there is a judge and jury, but this is the age when the child is very sensitive to the feelings of guilt and shame.Therefore we must learn to rise above these feelings.What it means to rise?To overcome?No.Overcoming caused by pressure on yourself.But here we are talking about the child must be open.He must understand that he, like each person has weaknesses and problems, sometimes he tells a lie and so on.

And if it is about

However, as practice shows, parents do not want to delay the moment of arrival of the child in school, explaining it to that the child very clever, he already counts up to one thousand, solves problems for the second class, writes dictations.And in a year to it it will be uninteresting in the first class.And if it is about the boy, fathers and mothers unanimously demand to admit the child to school now, motivating the requirement with that the child after go a class has to have opportunity to try to enter to the university twice.But, unfortunately, care of parents, races prostranyayas for such long period for all years of training, cannot help the child to overcome the very first difficulties arising on its way not in years, and already in to elementary school.

He has to guess

Children practise in a throwing in a moving target and in run from a uvertyv niy.GAMES OF AVERAGE MOBILITY Guess that did Description of game The tutor appoints or chooses with the help counting rhymes one playing which departs from all children on steps also turns to them a back.He has to guess that do other playing.Children agree, what action they will be from to brazhat.By the word of the tutor it is time!guessing povo it rachivatsya, approaches to playing and speaks Hello, children!Where you happened?

The bear with

Orange camel Filling up a game corner, it is necessary to pay attention upon purchase for color of soft toys.The bear with unnatural color of fur will not add esthetic taste to yours to the baby.But the main thing not in it.Toys nonexistent coloring in the nature distort representations about world around.And how to be if presented to your kid such bear?obyazatelno correlate shape of an animal to reality, considering the picture in the book.We do not want the angry!


After that it comes back to the place.Against.nicknames tell the name of one of players of the st teaM

We connect

lines we squeeze hands in fists and we roll them on a table.line we straighten palms, we close index, middle, ring fingers and little fingers.We connect thumbs to the others and we take away theM


We hope that tale, ideals which are kindness, love, friendship, inter revenues will help to establish this is not a simple yet important and necessary the dialogue.The country has experienced a striking anomaly.As a result of this fuss cabins problems of national and even global level.Professor Marcus Benjamin collects twelve children with unusual abilities in a special school is on hare Island.It is they, the children of the new generation, have to solve all the problems of mankind, revealing Mr.

After heart

The doctor after all listened to mother, made her elektrokardio and strictly told gram Next time, the citizen, do not call in fast, the EU whether at you that that will prick.Mother had very strong heart attack, but I asked her heart not to be ill, and it obeyed me Svetka interfered.In that case especially the fast is not necessary to you for the doctor marked.After heart attack the daughter spent couple of evenings houses with mother.They together baked pies and watched a talkshow, hotly discussing his heroes.But everything is soon trite on the former.

Task of players, which

Number of players .Rules All players break into two teams.One ostat sya on the land it is fishermen, and the second comes into water small fishes.Fishermen can be only on the land, and small fishes can come to the coast.Task of players, which are on the land to catch those, a cat ry in water but only when they leave on coast.If fishermen come into water, they halflearning yut penal seconds which will have to to stay on one place in inaction.about about For small fishes it is possible to introduce restrictions, for example they have to be in water not more than seconds, hiding from fishermen.


Sketch The mild word Read to children a proverb The mild word wins against anger.Children share on couples.Each couple has to think up a mole Kia of the word and gestures which can pacify a predator; uspoko to ityit the person who fell and strongly hurt; to reconcile two friends; to support the person who lost money.Then in a sketch dialogue children represent the thoughtup SI tuation.Game Fairy Lyubvi Children get up in a circle and close eyes.The teacher asks children to remember that they love above all, and then gives any of them a magic flower of love any krasi the vy flower also asks this person to tell that he remembered.


For example a cube a squirrel pineapple the plane phone.Construct the offer years Exercise of a predl it gatsya to the children who are already able to read separate words.Purposes and them comprehend exercise in reading separate words scientific research institute; acquaintance to the concept offer; ability development to connect separate words in the offer.Material a set of cards on which are written razlich ny words the offer is allocated in the color.Description to suggest the child to pick up cards for a tsva there, then to read words on cards of one color and a polo to live their one behind another that they made the offer.

I do not know, how many

With good hunting, the shooter!Production, rich at you!Right, will pay dearly for it!The shooter has a look at the poor peasant and told Road here only accuracy of an eye yes sleight of hand.I do not know, how many would give me for this game others, but I will sell to you willingly.Give me for it so much, how many you can.Oh, thanks, mobster!Whether but me to buy a game?Absolutely taxes ruined me.It is absolutely empty at me in the house, it is empty on the yard, only the horse one remained.

Before it became

On Akkaniydi watched a stone at her work and itself where color stuck, where a berry dry, where pearls.Before it became beautiful, never before the old woman saw such beauty.The old man weaved a wreath from juniper branches, got up staru ha the Clear Speck in a maiden dress, a pereveska to it on the head assigned became the girl AkkaniydI

To the extent

Everyone has a personal profile.If someone asks me to friends, I add to it and we can chat, view photos of each other.This leads to physical communication too?As a rule, no.It often substitutes for direct communication.To the extent that a guy and a girl can leave, just by sending a message.In our be sede one teenager said, instead of calling and spending an hour on TV phone conversation, you can just write that you bore me, and all.And feel protected?

And then, comparing

Then they will see that it is not always necessary to be fair LevI

So there

And they again agreed to cut down derenext day in and to construct to itself a warm tent.But for the morning the sun again shone so brightly that Kra enjoyed its heat at top roar.And Raong not far from roots was heated right in the sun.Kra reminded a yesterday's arrangement, but Raong again objected To what to spoil such fine day?A tent it is possible to construct and tomorrow.And every time repeated too most.So there is a business and to today.Kra and Raong still sit under a tree, hundred chickpea also complain of cold.


Collect all letters and lower them in a mailbox.Through the corresponding interval time return to a subject of letters and ask children to tell about the impressions from the received letters.Analysis of exercise Whether it was easy for you to write such letter?From whom you would like to receive the letter?What letter received by you was the best in your life?Gift which cannot be bought GAME since years Purposes Usually children perceive as a gift only that it is possible to buy in shop.

Get up with

The young man patiently took down all adversities and thanked Buddha for that, that it gives it the chance to earn the bread.One night Buddha was to the young man in gold shine.And ska hall Buddha You are the surprising person, to Yosak, you live in troubles to Nosta also you are content with the small.You work hard and not you ask the superfluous.Get up with the first beams of the sun tomorrow.The first that you will take in hand, will bring you happiness.Having told it, Buddha disappeared as if it also was not.

With trembling

So she was beautiful that the young man captivated by it did not dare to utter words.The girl also speaks Wish to learn work that most to grow up grains wisdoM

Here a find

How more interestingly there was everything round this path!What splash in the imagination, imagination of the child and at the same time what is the salutary environment for development informative an inter owls!We will not stop on those, already absolutely realistic, supervision and made absolutely realistic conclusions, push all the same from the fairy tale!And where uninteresting find?To call a path such it is already impossible.Here a find a broken twig, what in the wood one million lies.The nannygoat put on mushrooms it!

Take, for example, such

In this age, the nature especially plays with children.Take, for example, such phenomenon as clown, which is in each class.Children tend to extreme forms of behavior, as if to try theM


And this negative power is also used for his benefit.The baby is going through a lot of impressions.Psychology is very occupy impressions of the baby.It attached great importance to the fact that continued , there is no in the womb, the baby has been compressed and has felt pressure from all sides.In fact, he has no other choice.And because of this he goes out into the world.Mother also require large power and great pressure.The child acquires Supplement selfishness and so he can be outside the mother's womb, and to resist a hostile environment.

The servant

There versts for there is a village.In it there lives some Efrosinya.People say that it on everything hands skilled worker both will sew, and will connect, and sick will give help.Come to that village, ask How to us to see Efrosinyyu?And its hut on the edge.The princely servant comes into a room, sees sits devitsakra sa, in two arshins a braid.The servant was lost in contemplation of it and is silent.the vushka says tenderly Whom it is necessary for you, the kind person?To me grandma Efrosinyyu.


That game turned out more interesting and weight To Lea, players can run at the same time in circle of sticks and to throw That team which gathered pain wins to neck quantity of points.Stock skis, counters.Quantity ig fates .Rules On a platform draw on snow of lines starting and finishing at distance of m from each other.The judge is elected, and other participants share on teams also rise on starting line.The first participants in teams begin game.

The boy broke

cried one boy.Because Nina hesitated.I simply rubbed foot also decided to find a plantain.You see, it grows lengthways footpaths, helps at grazes and callosities.The boy broke a big leaf of a plantain and prit his veins to the cut finger.However, helps.And what else curative herbs you you know?So far I more know nothing, but I will study Nina answered.Questions and tasks Why children did not love Nina?How Nina treated other people?To that did parents do not teach Nina?

And it happened

You who?Vasya wanted to ask, and could not say words.But the old man as if heard him and said I, Vasya, the master of the broken things.Usually I come only to old things which have no owner, and I help them to find new life.I got to you, because your things not vyder reaped and called me in spite of the fact that they have an owner.And it happened for the first time in my life.It to us not the owner!He tears us, throws and soils, abuses and offends!shouts were distributed from all directions, and rose nevoob razimy noise.

True, because

But why to reduce their heads together, contrary to nature?They should meet at another location for other CELA There is a view, that the primitive tribes in fact such a the division was right, and today is a kind of unisex universal style, they say, we are all the same.True, because the ancient followed the laws of nature, and not planted order by force.And people today are not able to find each other.Because we are not the same?No, and similarly we have the difference in perception.

Sons grew

On all house look for, cannot find in any way.And here mother saw in her room on a wall the words written by sunshine Now your daughter my wife.It I, the prince the Sun, took it from you.Mother from a grief slightly did not lose mind, since then she lost rest and shed many tears, mourning the daughter.We did not save the only daughter, she grieved.There was time.Sons grew up and often asked mother, why she such sad and all the time cries, after all, it seems, anybody her not offended.Yes as to me not to cry if I also do not know where yours the sister and whether is living she still?

Now I and itself

Truly you spoke, the sonny, mother told, are the presents friends.You can consider yourself happy!And she told the son as doom robbed his friend this night.Then the son gave to the friend everything that received from the friends, and told Do not grieve and understand when the person has a friend, it not remains in trouble!Truly, told the first.Now I and itself see that is more expensive in total not wealth, and loyal friend.You me proved it to the example!Questions and tasks Present that you have exactly hundred friends.

But that loved

If I will manage to tempt the young man with that he can marry on my daughter, at me for many years remains gratuitous worker.And the rich man hinted the young man it is possible to become related.But that loved only MaI

Lines it is serially

Fi!the little mouse in a mink peeps Well and greedy you, Egorka!one hand we put lines on a table of the palmar with the party down, other hand it is covered the first and we press.We pull out the lower hand from under the top.Then we change hands.lines it is serially bent and we unbend close fingers of each hand.lines we stir up the relaxed hands.Tukituki, bear In the house runs.Runs to the yard And a gate on a lock!Tukituki, bear Hid in a house.

The adult

Operations procedure.The adult shows sounding and exposes sound boxes in set posledovatelnos ti, using words at first, then.Then offers reben ku to make the same with its set of boxes quantity varies from twothree to foursix in each set.Option.After boxes are exposed on to order, the adult changes their arrangement at himself or at re the benka also asks to restore their sequence among.Occupation Purposes development of acoustical attention; differentiation of noise.Equipment paper set; balls; pencils; coins; matches.

Part one But how to explain

Life is the process of selfdiscovery.Part one But how to explain to the children the more internal things?From the point of view of external the approach we can explain the sex change through the action of hormones.But how to present a more profound differences between man and woman?Only through a global training and education.We must show de children that all of nature and human society is global, and that we are bound with each other.Within the nature of laid the single force that controls everything.


Also SDVG is more widespread in regions with the increased population density of Barkley R.And., ...CAUSES OF ILLNESS In an origin of SDVG play a role genetic mechanisms, organic damage brain and psychosocial factors.Always it must be kept in mind opportunity influences of several factors influencing at each other.The increased occurrence of frustration at twins allowed to assume involvement genetic mechanisms in Gillis J disease etiology.

The program

The main motto of a technique Help me to make it most.The program of the Skilful Handles circle included development occupations with Montessori's use material.This the program allowed to systematize a training material on to the developing training through M

Then groups

Questions and tasks to the fairy tale Divide children into groups and ask them on a big leaf Whatman paper to draw one of houses on Dovol Street.About one hundred Rhone of a Whatman paper the house outside, and with another has to be drawn from within.Then groups in turn tell about the houses and about their inhabitants.On a board the big house is drawn.It is a fontanel.Children have to a feather to count Vodnichk's qualities.Each new quality listed children, adds a new window on Vodnichka.

Perfectly, so and it is not necessary

Mothers, I should repay a debt tomorrow beggarly the boy told.For what you borrowed money?took an interest mother.For anything Timka roughly answered.Perfectly, so and it is not necessary to give took offense mother.In a week Timkin a debt exceeded six hundred rubles.After the Bug school stopped it and declared Either drive money, or you will work for us tomorrow.Without explanation mother would not give such sum, especially they quarreled constantly now.To work for the Bug a zn chit in secluded lanes to take away money and things from children.

At dawn of the girl

Here you, at least, will be covered from a wind and an icy cold.The shaggy guest remained.At dawn of the girl opened a door, and a bear slowly started wandering in the wood on snowdrifts.But since then every evening in the same hour it came to them, laid down before the center and allowed both sisters tormo to sew it, how many it will take in head.Girls so got used to it, what even doors did not close, yet their shaggy black friend will not come.And there came the spring.

To crumbs

As it plays pranks, jumps through puddles!Ah, who it in sand?It gets out, creeps out.Children threeyearolds joyfully shout Rain worm!a worm represent lace or branch.To crumbs the adult is younger can prompt Remember, we rescued worms?Katya speaks Poor worm!A doll by means of the adult puts a rain worm on a side of a sandbox or about a basin lets on grass.Now will not drown!The adult tenderly addresses to it Sit down, kind Katya, on a small bench, I about you and about a worm will tell a rhyme.

He even

The boy quickly gathered and wrote note to mother Left to the father.Do not worry, Nikita.Everything developed successfully.He even was in time from the station pozvo thread to mother.Of course, he did not tell it that goes to the father that me hundred to it got in the general car, but it occupied the top to regiment, and it is healthy!Two days of traveling, and Nikita by passing truck drove in camp.Accept valuable freight the driver, a vysa laughed live the boy from a cabin.Nikita as grew!

And all filled

For example, our teenage girls complained to me that it is difficult for them to communicate with classmates, they can't keep time dialects on insignificant topics, to enter into a relationship where everyone plays a role, they kept established in the movie.And all filled with this game.Of course, they do not require classmates have changed and they don't condemn theM

First of cha STI provides

Step by step can be traced all the milestones and turning points of growth and human maturation.The book human Development from to is divided into two parts.First of cha STI provides a systematic and coherent overview of human development to years of age, gives practical recommendations on a number of complex the problems facing today's parents, carers and teachers La.This hyperactive children, and the desire to learn, and the problem of violence in the children's group, and much more.Here deeply understands itself when kind of child development and care, which requires him to realize themselves, to become a full part of the society and, consequently, to find happiness.

He must

How about communication with parents, brothers and sisters?It will be to communicate with them in the morning, before leaving, and in the evening, when the return been decreasing.He must not turn near a mother who will shout to he did not interfere, and send him to toys, computer or even include he TV where they show all kinds of the program, about which we have no what a view.The best thing is that he got all in school aim Pavlenko, with recreation, food, games, football.

Number of the balls

One of players becomes on gate, and wasps talny in turn punch to it it is defined Nov quantity of a penalty blows on nepo to dvizhny ball from a certain distance.Number of the balls passed by the goalkeeper to the sum it rutsya and remembered, and then a place in gate for the following player etc.nimat.The winner the player who passed men is considered she balls, than other goalkeepers.?It is also possible to play and on the best napada yushchy, then the hammered balls are considered About at whom also wins against them more.

Of course, the child

But in years children often exhibit a rebellion against the requirements of adults.This is a sign that the adults suddenly require children what they have not prepared them before.No need to wait for surprises.Of course, the child Part one broke the glass, something will break are examples in which he is studying.But what is he would manifest disobedience?This should not be.We must learn from example environment.If we use properly environment and child chinet to understand that his acts like or not parents or associates, he has no choice.

Can we say that

Can we say that in contrast to the emptiness, loneliness and cardenio we offer a connection, the connection with others and meaning, and not just taste of life?The person who is depressed, is inside the round the circle of dissatisfaction and otchayaniya G luppova work very help the proposal, it works better than more.The society gives man sily But, ultimately, we see that this is not a solution, it is an attempt to take to reach an agreement with dejstvitelnosti Human development from to What kind of content is it?

The mother

The mother should not, To call the daughter.Questions and tasks How the daughter treated people?To that did mother teach the daughter, and to that the father?How you think, whether respected the daughter of the parents?Why the girl did not want to help mother?How you think, whether correctly parents brought up the daughter?OPINION OF CHILDREN To that were you taught by parents?Children of elementary school Parents taught me to much how to read, to addition, vych Tania, to multiplication, division, drawing and still how to write pe chatny letters to pray to God and many other things.

Besides, Still

He assumed that such the behavior was result of hereditary pathology or patrimonial injuries.Besides, Still the first noted prevalence of this disease among a malchikoa, its frequent compatibility with antisocial and criminal behavior, with tendency to a depression and to alcoholisM

The tsarevitch

Here the father with the son returned.The tsarevitch to the room ran, unlocked a door and that sees withered, the basil dried up!He began to cry, mother reproaches Why, the mother, did not water you my flower, and threw it, and it dried up?I watered it, the baby, I will not understand that befell!Or the stranger who entered the room?Anybody others, I swear to you, came a time only here your bride with mother.The tsarevitch that occurred guessed here, and from a grief it is heavy zane could.The bride wanted to come it to visit, but the tsarevitch designate her banished.

You have

E Small animals became very unfortunate.Such neschas tny, what even forgot fear.They told Evil big animals proclaimed themselves masters of the wood.By what right?They force us to go voluntary on death.It is unfair.So the hare, and an iguana spoke, and both is zyana, both battleship, and tapir.It though big, but very much dob ry and timid.Big animals told There is nothing to argue.You have to obey.Correctly or no, but so will be.We are masters of the wood because we are stronger you.

When I do not want

I dream to have the elder brother that he protected me.I have a younger brother.With it it is interesting to play, though it the small.When I do not want to do homework, I with it long play, and I for it am not abused.Would be cool to have the brother or the sister, but I do not know that it such.Rita Makarova, B class, Zdravnitsky high school No.My sister I have one elder sister.When summer, we with it Wad Dra press at dacha.We draw together and we stage a contest between itself.


Before the important only the correct behavior and very few people excited was considered, what feelings the child has.In the nineties became accepted manifestation of any feelings, but at the same time society became to make light on problematic and not always meeting social norms behavior forms.Actually children need to learn to connect among themselves feelings and morals that then to be happy in private and professional life.Today children, teenagers and adults have more opportunities of a choice that complicates relationship.

He became

Tell that it is more important for you in total beauty of the nature; beauty of the person; beautiful affairs and acts?Present that you got drunk from a magic source of beauty.Tell about any beautiful act which you will make.LESSON EIGHTEENTH BEAUTY OF SOUL E CACTUS FLOWER M

It is necessary

In such cases parents should change tactics.It is necessary to study to remind the teenager of something not directly, and indirectly.For example, instead of the remark Be not late for English language courses, the International Federation of Journalists but to ask Where teach English more interestingly at school or on courses?And the wisest to give to children the chance to cope with daily affairs, tasks and problems, without weakening thus attention and care.Our care is necessary to children always.But for the teenager it has to to become a hidden support and protection.

Heart young

At everyone the movement of a caravan of a bird fought heads about camel sides, and from their open beaks plaintive shouts escaped.Heart young men contracted at the sight of such show.Protolkavshis through crowd curious, it approached to a caravan of a basha and, respectfully having bowed, asked Mister who doomed these beautiful birds to such strash ny flour and where you with them head.The caravan of a basha answered We head to the palace of the khan.These birds are intended for a hansky table.The khan will pay us for them five hundred chervonets.

Jewelry, especially

In a family the love always gives rise to love, and respect an uv zheniye.The child should not pay you for love, but he will learn to feel gratitude to you, if love and respect to the identity of each family member will your family it is precious Stew.Jewelry, especially spiritual, people store all life also transfer them further from generation to generation.Therefore do not demand from the child of a payment, do not inspire in him that it has to, is obliged to give you in the future everything that you for it a sda lal.


Distribute them cards with drawings representatives of the world of the nature flowers, trees, berries, mushrooms.Children in a sketch dialogue have to tell how the person cares about the world of the nature and as the nature cares of people.For example I, the person, can treat trees, plant flowers, plants and bushes to clear the woods, to extinguish the fires.I, a birch, sing the person tasty birch sap; I, wild strawberry, I feed the person with sweet berries; I, cepe, I treat the person with tasty mushroom soup etc.

In the first

Depending on rate of carrying out massage can be fast, average and the slow.In the first case excitability of nervous system increases.At the slow massage it, on the contrary, decreases.If receptions are carried out on average speed, the calming effect is provided.Any massage removes exhaustion, raises physical and intellectual activity, ease and cheerfulness causes.In fingertype games one of the main massage receptions is stroking.It should be carried out rhythmically, quietly, freely and easily sliding on skin tips fingers or palM

The leader

Number of players .Rules All players get up in a row at distance of outstretched arms.The leader becomes to them the face.If driving govo rit; Dawn!, all participants have to podpryg chickpea with the hands extended up.When driving shchiya says Dawn!, players have to at to squat and touch sand hands.The leader has to alternate quickly these teams or to repeat one and a touch not how many a time in a row, thereby confusing players.The participant who will get confused and incorrectly dropped out nit team, bowls off.

So you appreciate

He even changed countenance, and his eyes for anger were poured by blood.So you appreciate fatherly favor?It is visible, too you became proud if began to despise the father!Well!Posmot Rome, whether your destiny will be happy.And the rajah enjoined to marry the younger daughter to the one who next morning will approach the first the imperial palace.The junior tsarevna was proud and to the word stuck a crepe to.She was not frightened and with readiness agreed povinovat sya to the father.

We lived

As we moved to Moscow I think that my mother is not able to consult on me, also it is its shortcoming.On the one hand, it very kind and the dobra, but not always such what is necessary for me barks to me.Not mo one person zht the nobility that at another at heart, if he with him does not consult.We lived in the small settlement, and when to me lo nine years, mother decided to move to live to Moscow, therefore that it had an apartment in the big brick house there.It, of course, the good wanted to me, but at that moment to me it was heavy to leave.


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